The Best Lawn Alternatives for Northern California

Keeping a lush grass lawn can be a lot of work in some regions, especially in Northern California. Instead of dealing with all the necessities of keeping grass healthy throughout the year, you can consider a variety of different options instead. These options will create the illusion of a lush lawn, but will have drastically [...]

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The Best Time to Water Lawn in Hot Weather

Keeping your lawn watered is vital for ensuring it stays lush and healthy throughout the year. But in hot weather, you may wonder when it’s best to water your lawn. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of watering your lawn during the wrong part of the day and having water droplets end up scorching [...]

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Can You Water New Sod Too Much?

Installing new sod can turn your average yard into a lush and green lawn. But watering can be confusing in how much is the right amount. Watering is absolutely necessary, but overwatering can be detrimental to your sod and how it develops over time. There are several signs that can give you a good idea [...]

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The 4 Best Sprinklers for Small Lawns

When you have a small lawn, you might be tempted just to use the hose when it needs watering. However, you’ll find that soaking any sized lawn takes too long for it to become a pleasant daily task. The good news is, several sprinklers work well for small lawns, adjusting down to tiny spray patterns [...]

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The 5 Best Sprinklers for Large Yards

Looking out over your expansive, green lawn is a joy. But, trying to make sure it’s all evenly watered isn’t. Every homeowner with a large lawn has found a dry patch, usually right when or where it’s most inconvenient. Instead of pulling out the hose to water those brown spots, or just living with them, [...]

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Which Sprinklers Are Best For Sandy Soil?

Northern California soils are most often too sandy over clay-like. Unfortunately for those of us who like manicured lawns and lush gardens, watering sandy soil can be a challenge. Which sprinklers can best make up for our difficult soil and make watering simpler? The Challenge Sandy soil is porous and absorbs water quickly. Clay soil [...]

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