Which Sprinklers Are Best For Sandy Soil?

Northern California soils are most often too sandy over clay-like. Unfortunately for those of us who like manicured lawns and lush gardens, watering sandy soil can be a challenge. Which sprinklers can best make up for our difficult soil and make watering simpler? The Challenge Sandy soil is porous and absorbs water quickly. Clay soil [...]

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How to Find Sprinkler Lines

If you’re adding a new garden bed or pool to the yard, or if your sprinkler system has sprung a leak, you’ll want to find your sprinkler lines. Unfortunately, they are usually buried in your lawn, and there’s no way to be sure where they are without digging unless you can find your sprinkler system [...]

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The 5 Best Sprinkler Heads for Flower Beds

You love the flower beds on your property, but you hate watering them, right? Not many people look forward to trying to remember to water them, watching the weather, and worrying if they’re getting the right amount of water. But you want to have the curb appeal and beauty they provide. What are you to [...]

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5 Reasons You Need a Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart technology is really shaping our modern lives. Even if you’re holding off on buying that Amazon Echo or Google Home for entertainment or household use purposes, smart tech is probably affecting your life in a variety of other ways. Smart appliances and home installations are the next phase in the artificial intelligence revolution that [...]

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