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Brown lawns or flooded grass happens so quickly when you have a sprinkler problem. One day you’re walking out the door to work as normal, and you notice your lawn looks like you’ve neglected it for months. Were there signs that your sprinklers were broken? And who can you turn to for sprinkler repair in Santa Clara?

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Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

Busy people, young families, and even retirees might not notice sprinkler problems. After all, you’re too busy to survey your lawn every morning. Or, you might see the signs of a problem but not connect the issue to the sprinkler system. However, the longer the problem is unresolved, the more damage will be done to your lawn. So keep your eye out for these signs that something is wrong with your sprinklers:

  • Unusual noise: Sprinkler heads sputter, cough, or screech when they have pressure or blockage problems.
  • Sprinklers won’t turn on: Major leaks and blockages can prevent sprinklers from delivering any water at all. Or, your smart controls for your sprinkler system may have lost their connection or broken.
  • Sprinklers have lost pressure: This may be the result of a pressure problem or leak and means that the grass furthest from the sprinkler won’t get enough water.
  • Patches of brown grass: This part of the lawn may not be getting watered, or may have previously flooded.
  • Yellow grass: Yellow blades of grass are about to die. Most often, this is from lack of water, but it may also be from flooding.
  • Wet control valves: Small leaks at the control valves are common and can cost you a fortune in wasted water.
  • Muddy spots, excess water: Leaks from sprinkler heads, or even underground leaks in the lines, can cause mud pools. They can also force water to bubble up between your patio stones.
  • Flooding at the base of slopes: While sometimes leaks are to blame for flooding, normally operating sprinkler heads may deliver too much water to a slope if they weren’t installed properly. You may also need your watering zones reconfigured.
  • Unusually high water bill: If you’re wasting a lot of water, it could be from your sprinkler system. An underground leak may not even be visible yet.

Get Your Sprinkler Services From a Professional

There are many reasons to choose a professional sprinkler technician over a general contractor, or instead of doing the repairs yourself. Professionals have more knowledge and experience, so they find problems faster and fix them more completely.

There are other reasons to choose a professional too. Santa Clara residents care about utility costs, even more than the average Californian. A professional sprinkler technician can tell you if your system could be more efficient, using less water or less energy. We carry the latest smart sprinkler systems, and we may not even have to replace your system to upgrade it.

The minute you notice that you may need sprinkler repair in Santa Clara, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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