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Our irrigation team offers hundreds of services from simple pop up head repair to full system diagnostics and everything in between. If your system hasn’t been checked in over a year it is essential that you schedule an inspection right away. Any system that hasn’t been tweaked in the last year is probably not working up to its potential.  Our preventative maintenance and optimization services will keep your system in tip-top shape and your lawn as green as possible. An optimized system will use less water to achieve the best results possible. You’ll see a reduction in your water bill while still having one of the most beautiful lawns on the block.

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Our Sprinkler Repair Services

  • General Maintenance and Inspections
  • Checks and adjustments of sprinkler systems
  • Sprinkler head repair and replacement

  • Raising and lowering sprinkler heads

  • Sprinkler valve replacement

  • Sprinkler timer setting

  • Broken PVC line replacement

  • Subsurface irrigation service

  • Electronic sprinkler valve location

  • Hose bib and spigot replacement

  • Sprinkler controller timer replacements

  • Wiring problems

  • Coverage problems

  • Pool rerouting

  • Rain sensor Installation

  • Double check assembly replacements

  • Low pressure diagnosis and repairs

  • Sprinkler leak detection & repair

Our Most In-Demand Irrigation Repair Services

Broken Sprinkler Head Repair

Sprinkler heads break. They can be hit by low mower blades, cracked by flying rocks or simply fail over time. While the repair is usually quick, it is extremely important. A broken sprinkler head won’t work properly and can cause the entire system to go out of whack. When we repair sprinkler heads, we look at the cause of the damage and adjust the riser depth to prevent it from happening again.

Sticky Valve Repair

Valves stick due to wear and tear or because debris gets stuck in the diaphragm. A simple debris clean out will often fix the problem, and is something our techs can teach you how to do on your own. Wear and tear, on the other hand, often means the need to replace a failed rubber diaphragm, a burnt out solenoid or corroded wire leads. We are diagnostic experts and can easily identify what needs to be fixed and whether it is a problem that could have been prevented.

Underground Leak Repair

Broken distribution lines can be a costly problem, and one you may not notice until you get a huge water bill. We have ground penetrating leak detection equipment that will allow us to pinpoint your leak quickly and get it under control. Sometimes the leak is due to a faulty line seal, but more often than not, it is due to invasive tree roots or settling issues. In the case of a tree root, we might suggest rerouting the line to prevent future issues.

Wire Corrosion Repair

Wires that weren’t properly sealed during sprinkler system installation can corrode over time. If your system suddenly stops working and there are no other symptoms, this could be the problem. Our professional irrigation repair techs will track the wiring to the corroded lead, expose the problem wire, and replace it.

We Service All Sprinkler Brands

No matter who made your equipment or who installed your sprinkler system, we can handle it. Our technicians can service parts from leading manufacturers, including:

  • Rain Bird
  • Hunter
  • K-Rain
  • Toro
  • Weathermatic
  • Hydro-Rain
  • Orbit
  • Jain Irrigation
  • Irritrol
  • And more

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