Sprinkler System Installation

If you’re in the market for a new sprinkler system, our irrigation specialists are ready to deliver. We install the latest and best products so your sprinkler system maximizes water efficiency. This is a win-win situation for you. You’ll get a stronger, healthier lawn, and you’ll use less water at the same time. This is a huge benefit considering the potential rising costs of water and the restrictions in place throughout most of the year. You can count on your professionally installed system to meet or exceed all local ordinances so you’ll be one of the “green” landscapers on the block.

Over the many years we’ve been installing sprinkler systems, we have developed the knowledge to handle any irrigation problem or project you may have.  If you already have an existing landscape, we can install an irrigation system with limited disruption to what is there (even if we have to dig portions of line by hand). We respond quickly, work efficiently, and strive to give you top notch service every step of the way.

a sprinkler system installation in progress

Which Type of Irrigation Is Right for You?

Today, there are several different irrigation products available. We’ll help you find the one that fits your need.  At Bay Area Sprinkler Repair we can design and install the most efficient system to keep your landscape healthy and thriving.

Spray Heads

We use spray heads to water shrubs and lawn areas near the edges of your landscape.

The fixed heads allow us to deliver water directly to the necessary area without waste. They can cover a distance of about 15 feet, if necessary.

Drip Lines

For established planting beds, gardens and specimen plantings, drip irrigation is the best option. Root based emitters deliver water directly to the root system of the intended plants without watering the surrounding area. This significantly reduces water waste and weed growth.

The deep penetration of the drip irrigation system helps plants develop larger, deeper, stronger root systems.

Smart System Controllers

We install smart sprinkler controllers from leading manufacturers like Rachio and Rainbird to help your system deliver precisely the right amount of water to your landscape. These smart controller systems are able to use weather-based calculations to determine the length of time that each zone of the system runs for. Using a smart controller can reduce your water usage by up to 50 percent.

Give Bay Area Sprinkler Repair a call for a new system design or retrofit your existing sprinkler system. We’ll set you up with an initial appointment to sit down and talk with a system design expert so you can take the first step toward a gorgeous landscape today!


When you think about sprinkler heads, you probably think about rotors. These are spray heads that rotate on a fixed arc (although some with spin a full 360 degrees). They deliver water from 25 to 50 feet away and are excellent for larger lawn areas.

Our newest rotors eliminate fogging that was present in older models and can reduce water waste by up to 30 percent.

Seasonal Maintenance Makes Sense

Do you really need to maintain your sprinkler system each year?

If you want a system that runs better for less money in the long run, absolutely.

Without maintenance, you could easily have issues with zoning and over-watering, under-watering new installations, and other ongoing electronic, fluid, and mechanical issues that could require extensive repairs.

Depending on seasonal maintenance means you’ll have less unexpected downtime, fewer emergency repairs, less incidental damage to your landscaping, and a system that runs better with less water.

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We Also Offer Repairs

Even the best sprinkler system in the world won’t last forever. Learn about our sprinkler repair services and see why we should be your irrigation company for life.

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