Sprinkler System Tune Ups

When your sprinkler system isn’t optimized you run the risk of over or under watering your yard and ending up with areas that just simply don’t look good. If you have brown areas in your turf or roses that are withering in the mid summer sun, our sprinkler optimization team can get in there and figure out what’s causing your system to leave you with such unbecoming results. Under watering is only one of the problems that can occur with a poorly optimized system. If you don’t have rain sensors, you may be drowning your plants and spending way too much on your monthly water bill.

By calling in our irrigation contractors to check on your system you are ensuring that you will get complete and consistent coverage across every area of your lawn and planting beds. We’ll adjust every pop up head and drip irrigation lines individually for pressure, direction and spray coverage.

Seasonal Tune-Ups

Systems should be adjusted for every season because turf and specimen plantings need different amounts of water during the different seasons. Our check up program has a service check come out once a month to check the performance of your system and make adjustments as needed. We’ll check your controller, clear out pop up heads and do a complete system check every third visit to make sure you don’t end up with a preventable emergency.

System Upgrades

Did you know it’s possible to upgrade your sprinkler system without replacing it? Let our irrigation specialists add a smart controller that you can access from your smartphone, water-efficient heads like the Hunter MP rotator that supply great coverage while using significantly less water, and new zones that will let you dial in better watering schedules for your plants.

When is the Best Time to Water?

The one area of optimization that several people overlook is the time of day when watering occurs. The best time to water your lawn is in the predawn hours. This prevents evaporation and allows water to seep down to the root system for use as the sun comes up. Because the sun rises progressively earlier from the spring to summer and then later as summer turns to fall, watering times have to be adjusted. If you have a programmable controller, our techs can set an entire season in one visit.

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