When you have a small lawn, you might be tempted just to use the hose when it needs watering. However, you’ll find that soaking any sized lawn takes too long for it to become a pleasant daily task. The good news is, several sprinklers work well for small lawns, adjusting down to tiny spray patterns so that they don’t soak anything you don’t want them to. Here are our top four best sprinklers for small lawns.

1. Nelson Eight-Pattern Spray Head

Those small lawns are notorious for their odd shapes and tight corners. You might wonder you’re your home builder was thinking, but you can still get a gorgeous green lawn. That’s where the Nelson eight-pattern spray head will come in handy. It has eight pre-set spray patterns, including triangular patterns, half-circles, and narrow rectangles. Switch between the patterns with a simple switch on the top of the sprinkler. Plus, you’ll enjoy that the Nelson focuses on beauty more than many other sprinklers, with a nice, almost wrought-iron pattern. It’s just what you need to water all of your small space easily.

2. Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn

You may be surprised to find this Melnor sprinkler on the list because it has a huge maximum range of 4,000 sq. feet. However, it is very adjustable, which is a big plus for small lawns. Each side of the sprinkler can be adjusted down to a spray pattern of only ten feet. Plus, it’s particularly good at spraying narrow lawns. One of these sprinklers is all you’ll need for your little lawn.

3. Orbit 58308 Brass Impact with Tripod Base

One of the most popular modern landscaping options for a small landscape is a tiered garden bed in the very back of the lawn. You might have layers of plantings up the back wall. It creates a very peaceful, green atmosphere that can make up for your limited space.

But how do you evenly water it? If you have a big sprinkler in your small space and set it, so it sprays high, it usually arches too far out to hit the beds. The water takes twenty feet to come back down. Use the Orbit brass impact sprinkler with its tripod base attachment. There’s no need for arching. The impact sprinkler is tall enough on the base that it should shoot directly at your beds.

4. Melnor Bubbler Soaker

The very smallest green spaces may be very frustrating to water because sprinklers can’t spray the water close enough. The Bubble Soaker is designed to drop water exactly where it is, so you don’t need to worry about that. It won’t reach far, of course, but it’s great for soaking those smallest patches of grass. Typically, this sprinkler is used to help new trees and shrubs adjust after a transplant so that you can use it for that too.

It’s always a challenge to find the right sprinkler for small or oddly shaped landscaping. If none of these options will work for you, reach out to us to discover more options.