Sprinkler Repair in Danville

If you need sprinkler repair in Danville, you may be surprised at how complicated the system is. It relies on a series of pipes, valves and heads. They need specific pressure and proper seals. The latest sprinkler systems may have computer components for automatic watering or to enable water conservation. An irrigation specialist can repair the system for you, so it functions perfectly without you needing to stress about it.

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After Moving to Danville

Danville is booming, and if you’ve just moved here, you likely have a whole new sprinkler system to understand. How do you program it? Is it working as it should and was it installed correctly? We can answer all of those questions for you.

Signs Your Sprinklers Need Repair

You should look out for these warning signs that your new or old sprinkler system needs repair:

  • It doesn’t seem to turn on or turns on at a weird time
  • It floods the lawn or leaves behind wet patches, especially on slopes
  • Your grass has turned brown or yellow in some areas
  • The sprinkler heads spray weakly, or too strongly
  • There’s water leaking from a sprinkler head when they’re not on
  • There’s water leaking from a valve or pipe at any time
  • Your water bill has been steadily rising, or it suddenly increased

If you haven’t noticed any of these problems yet, that’s good! Remember that you can prevent the need for repairs with sprinkler system maintenance. By catching small issues early, you’ll spend less on major repairs or replacements.

The Latest Technology

As dedicated irrigation contractors, we can repair and install the latest sprinkler systems and their controls. In fact, we recommend smart sprinkler controls so that you can adjust your watering schedule and conveniently monitor your system in case a leak or clog happens. Many will alert you if they detect a problem with the system, which can save you from letting a problem go undetected.

There are a few smart sprinkler controllers we recommend if you’re in the market. Some systems adjust with the weather, so you don’t water when it’s raining. Others allow you to diagnose your sprinkler problems, making our work much faster. We also have options for indoor and outdoor installation.

Plus, we can schedule your system for you, showing you what is the optimal time and amount to water depending on your landscaping and the specifics of your property. You won’t have to worry about flooding at the base of hills, or about over-watering or under-watering when we’re done.

Choose Us As Your Irrigation Contractor

A broken sprinkler system leads to unnecessary stress. We work hard to fix your system quickly and correctly, usually the very day you call us, so you can get back to your life.

Plus, we understand that the health of your landscaping can impact your life. No one wants to entertain on brown grass. You could impact your property’s curb appeal with wilted plants. We believe that your outdoor green spaces should lift you up, and relieve your tension, not add to it, and we can help you achieve an oasis. Choose us for sprinkler repair in Danville.

Are You Ready?

Serving Danville and Beyond

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