Are All California Native Plants Drought Tolerant?

One of the benefits to having a native plant garden is that almost all California native plants are very resistant to drought conditions. This makes them an excellent choice in desert areas, or in areas where water restrictions are commonly put in place throughout the year. Whether you are just looking for a few attractive [...]

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The Best Lawn Alternatives for Northern California

Keeping a lush grass lawn can be a lot of work in some regions, especially in Northern California. Instead of dealing with all the necessities of keeping grass healthy throughout the year, you can consider a variety of different options instead. These options will create the illusion of a lush lawn, but will have drastically [...]

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The Best Time to Water Lawn in Hot Weather

Keeping your lawn watered is vital for ensuring it stays lush and healthy throughout the year. But in hot weather, you may wonder when it’s best to water your lawn. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of watering your lawn during the wrong part of the day and having water droplets end up scorching [...]

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